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Salice Futura Self Closing Undermount Slides

RM 87.00

Fluid, silent and progressive sliding movement 

It is available in three versions: with traditional Self-closing, with Push opening in handle-less furniture and with Smove decelerated closing.

Futura is suitable for all drawer opening applications, both with part- and full-extension. 

  • Full-extension runner fixed to the drawer by clip.
  • Dynamic load capacity N 294 (Kg 30).
  • Self-closing device on drawer.
  • Safety system that prevents the drawers from turning over.
  • Drawer height adjustment +2.5 mm with clip 10 710.
  • Drawer height adjustment +2.5, side adjustment ±1.5 mm, depth adjustment ±2 mm with clip 10 750.
  • The drawer is maintained parallel with the cabinet side during opening.
  • Compatible with ART. 615.
  • Finish: bright zinc-plated.