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Salice Pacta - Compact Hinge For Fall Flaps

RM 324.00

Pacta confers a decelerated opening action and the fall of the door is gradual and controlled. 

In the fully-open position, the door and base panel are aligned, creating a uniform and flat surface.
Pacta comes in a variety of finishes. Its applications are numerous: in living room and kitchen cabinets, to create desks in children’s furniture or for writing surfaces and table extensions in hotel furniture.
We suggest that you use the central hinge for cabinets over 900 mm width.

Pacta is a compact hinge for fall flaps which operates without the need for additional stays or cables. 

  • Hinge for flap doors with decelerated opening.
  • Push opening.
  • Fixing to the base of the cabinet with longitudinal snap-on mounting plate.
  • Standard drilling of the door ø 35.
  • 13 mm deep cup.
  • 90° opening.